Buyer Representation

Why Use Us To Represent Your Interests As A Buyer:

  • You get personalized attention directly from the founder; not some associate.

  • You benefit from my understanding of a highly diverse range of commercial real estate investments not just from a brokers perspective.

  • You get trusted expertise from my background of family real estate developers; father, uncles, and great grandfather. My great grandfather was the first to do a HUD deal in Milwaukee, WI.

  • I have been surrounded by the real estate business my entire life. In the early 70’s, my father took me on site visits all over OH, KY, TN where they were developing 200-300 unit condo complexes.

  • You’re not dealing with just some real estate broker trying to sell you a deal. You benefit from my experience as an investor first and foremost, developer, and broker.

  • Of the $1.7B+ in personal closings, only two groups have lost a tenant. I don't know of any other broker in this business that can say the same.

  • My love for real estate and helping people avoid costly investment mistakes.

Real Estate Agent Handing Over the Keys in Front of Vacant Business Office.

To have us represent you as a buyer,
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