TIC Investments

Another choice among real estate investors seeking replacement property for their IRC Section 1031 tax deferred exchange is Tenant-in-Common Ownership (TIC), also known as fractional ownership. Under this co-ownership structure, you will own an undivided fractional interest in an entire property and share in your portion of the net income, tax shelters, and growth. Further, you will receive a separate deed and title insurance for your percentage interest in the property and have the same rights as a single owner. Because TIC opportunities are often "packaged" with management and financing in place, TICs offer superior efficiencies in the identification, acquisition, financing, closing, and operating stages of real estate ownership.

Furthermore, fractional ownership provides you with the ability to diversify your 1031 Tax Free Exchange into more than one property and to participate in potentially larger, institutional quality properties. Thus, small investors in one area of the country may participate in large industrial, commercial, and residential property investments all around the country with professional management.

Tenants In Common:

Tenants in common (TIC) properties are powerful tools for real estate investors. A TIC property is one in which you own an undivided interest in a real estate property. You receive tax benefits, income, and growth that is directly proportionate to your interest in the property. A single tenant may own a larger interest than the other tenants. Yet, each owner receives a deed with the rights of a single owner.

TIC properties offer several benefits to real estate investors. Low equity requirements, as low as $200,000 in some instances, allow smaller individual investors to invest in large institutional properties. TIC properties eliminate the hassles of being a single landlord or property manager. Income from a TIC property can often be tax-sheltered through using depreciation and interest deductions.

When combined with a 1031 tax exchange, TIC properties can be even more attractive. 1031 tax exchanges allow you to defer capital gains taxes by investing in a like property. When using TIC properties with a 1031 tax exchange, you can defer capital gains while diversifying your investments. You can purchase shares of various TIC properties in different locales with the proceeds of the 1031 sale.

Helping Investors Locate Investment Grade TIC Properties:

Capital Commercial Partners helps real estate investors combine 1031 tax exchanges and TIC properties. Through our relationships with several of the nations leading TIC real estate providers, we can help you locate investment grade quality anywhere in the country. Our consultants are highly experienced in facilitating 1031 tax exchanges and can help you diversify your investment while retaining the tax advantages of a 1031 tax exchange.